Wear comfortable clothing, if you are detained you may be sleeping in them. It’s best to wear clothing you can dispose of after for identification safety and contamination of tear gas/pepper spray. Cheap shoes that you can get rid of are even better.

Do not wear oils or lotions as the tear gas can stick to it.

Do you have the phone number of a legal group, lawyer, or bail fund written on your body? 415.285.1011 is the National Lawyers Guild Hotline

Are you wearing a mask? It’s not just for COVID, it will also help conceal your identity. Make sure the bridge of your nose is covered and not distinguishable if possible.

Do you have all of your tattoos and identifiable body modifications covered? If possible, change your hair and any other identifying parts of you.

All hair should be up and or hidden. The longer your hair is, the more they have to grab/identify you.

BEST CASE: Fire proof clothing or gloves are ideal. As are goggles, gas masks, and any other protective gear.