Black Women I Wish I Learned About In History Class

Podcasts featuring Black voices, hosts, and creators (esp. womxn & queer)

[Justice for Julius]()
Julius is innocent and will be executed this year.
Informational website with multiple media resources.

A letter to white southern women by Anne Braden
*This letter should be read by all white women, cis, trans, and GNC.

Boycott Companies That Use Prison Labor

Center for Antiracist Research @antiracismctr on Instagram
Connected to BU, Directed by @ibramxk

”…We hope to build toward a society without police or prisons, where communities are equipped to provide for their safety and wellbeing.”

MPD 150 Resources
Educational resource about MN and police abolition

Resources to support the Minneapolis protests
Minneapolis specific resources for protests. Includes local maps, legal services, petitions, donations, mental health services, events, and more.

Publications section of Mariame Kaba’s website
Recommended by M4BL

Messaging to #defundpolice to redefine public safety and accountability for the 21st century and beyond
Vision, talking points, and educational resource from M4BL

Example of crisis team that is not police, helping their community
CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) provides mobile crisis intervention 247 in the Eugene-Springfield Metro area.
Recommended by M4BL

A list of Black Magazines
created by @thereclaimed on Instagram

3 ways to take your support of Black communities from URL to IRL
a list by @omsom on Instagram

What is misogynoir?
The intersection of patriarchy and racism, and how it effects women and femmes

Prison Abolition: A breakdown
Here’s an introductory breakdown into prison abolition, why people have been calling for it, and how it’s relevant today.
Ways you can support queer Black people during pride month and every month.
Resource Link