Help Amari Get a Wheelchair and Accessible Van
I’m fundraising for an electric mobility aid and a wheelchair accessible minivan. I have fibromyalgia, anemia, and CPTSD and I’m exploring diagnoses for peripheral neuropathy, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. More specifically, I often struggle to stay standing for extended periods of time and lately walking short distances causes flares ups for my dizziness, nausea and muscle weakness. My symptoms have reached the point where I would really benefit from an electric mobility aid. I know that with a power wheelchair I could spend more time gardening, going for walks and spending time outside with my pets.

Help & Support—Fundraising for: Oluwaseun Abdul Rufai Ajala – Justice for sexual assault

Exhale Employment Fund
As I am sure many of you know, BWE has grown exponentially within the last 8 months and this has lead to a massive influx of individuals reaching out in need. There are currently three people on our team (including myself) and only two people verifying and boosting mutual aid requests. With posting alone, we communicate with and actively help 15 people a week. This doesn’t count the 40+ people a month I speak to about our list. We currently have 397 (and counting) requests to go through and verify. We have dozens of messages, emails and texts sent to us daily, each from a specific person who needs specific care beyond a single post or $100. Since the summer, it’s been my goal to expand this into something that can be genuinely sustained. How do we create brighter futures for those we help? How do we make concrete change within our communities?

Stephanie - 48 Years Old
Cashapp: $trulypoetic

“I have fibromyalgia, which causes me daily pain and fatigue. I was recently injured in an accident that totaled by car, which I need to secure stability for my family. Financial support would help me with basic expenses and saving for a replacement car.”

Memorial fund

We want to give Cass the memorial she deserves, to honor her memory and say our last goodbyes before she goes home to her family. We are thankful that they are allowing us to have a funeral for her friends and family here in New York. Many of you are asking where can you send donations for funeral and funds for her daughter, so I have created this go fund me in her honor and it will go towards the cost of her funeral and to her family.

More information

Fundraiser for Haelee Bellfield

6yr old Landyn’s mom Dreu will forever be his hero

Our family experienced a tragic and unexpected loss. Twenty seven year old Dreu Davis and her 6 year old son Landyn were on their way to Target when a blue Chevy Tahoe, that was speeding to make a light, struck them both. Per witnesses, before the truck hit them, Dreu threw Landyn out of the way to save his life, while ultimately sacrificing her own. The driver that hit them had no license or insurance. She continued driving and had to be chased down by first responders on the scene. Sadly, Dreu passed away later that evening. Following her her passing, she was able to achieve her personal goal of helping others. She was a donor and saved 4 other lives.

Help single black mom escape abusive relationship

Help this black mom raise money for divorce, relocation, and a custody lawyer. She is escaping an emotionally abusive threatening ex husband and fears for the safety of her and her child. She needs to gather her belongings in another state and needs a support person to accompany her. This would include two 1 way tickets, a uhual & gas/food money as well as possibly a deposit for a safe place for her and her child to stay. This is an urgent situation, and the sooner she can raise these funds the safer they will be.

I’m an outed Black Trans Queer Muslim (I know everything Mike Pence would hate to see thrive out here)

I’m asking for some support for my gofundme for safe transportation because I am so tried of fearing for my life for being an openly queer muslim. I just recently recovered from hate crime that left me with two broken arms and year long impacts of a traumatic brain injury. Having a car would lower my chances of being assaulted and I just want to be able to go outside and places again without the fear of having someone attacking me.

After experiencing a close loved one and Queer Trans Muslim’s sudden passing I’ve realized how badly I need transportation to stay safe. It would lower my risk of hate incidents happening again and help me not live in fear constantly. Almost halfway there! Anything helps. Your donation will help others as well because I help other African Queers like me live boldly and bravely by providing safe house and other support.


Black women in need of a new computer for work
Venmo @itheabstract

Help me while I recover from my heart condition - My PPCM Story and struggle

The BADILA Family Home is Sinking Fast

Save The Historic Dox Thrash House

Help Sickle Cell And Lupus Patient Stay Alive
My name is Taleah and I’m 25. I have sickle cell, lupus and crohns and I am asking that people please donate, purchase from my small business and/or share.
CashApp $taleahjm
Venmo: @taleahmcknight to purchase items such as shirts and jewelry.

Help QTPOC parent relocate

Spreadsheet updated regularly

Everyone Needs an Alibi
My bar is the only openly gay bar in Harlem, and I believe (as of 2019) I am the last black gay-bar owner in Manhattan.

@Aaron__Philip’s Linktree
Features various rotating funds

My Mother’s Surgery and Medical Expenses

Black father and two young children in need of funds
CashApp: $antoinadams26

Assist an Unemployed Black trans woman artist

Support a recent college grad looking for a home
Venmo: @Misbah-Awan
Cash App: $lyte742

Black Philly based blogger in need of medical bill support
CashApp: $PhreedomJawn
Venmo: @phreedomjawn

Help Out At-Risk Queer Secure Safe Transportation

We demand justice for 14-year-old Saraya Rees in Myrtle Point, Oregon. Saraya is a child who battles with mental illness. She was abruptly and improperly taken off her antidepressants by a local pediatrician which triggered her to go into psychosis. In this delusional state, she poured a small amount of gasoline on the living room carpet during the early morning hours, as her parents and younger and younger sister slept in the next rooms. Saraya’s parents contacted Coos Health & Wellness for assistance. Rather than sending trained mental health advisors, Coos Health & Wellness called the police. Saraya was then arrested, questioned without her parents or a lawyer present, charged with attempted murder and assault, and sentenced to 11 years in juvenile prison by Judge Megan Jacquot.
Post with more info on how to demand justice

Housing for two BIPOC Youth
Hey all! We befriended a young protester one night in the middle of the uprising who needed assistance returning home safely. When we tried to escort him home his family kicked him out for partaking in protests. We were able to find him temporary housing, but it is urgent that we find him something more permanent. He is hoping to get a place with his close friend, but he needs help and is not able to do this alone. He is incredibly sweet and caring, and is unfortunately not new to homelessness. We are hoping to get him in a stable, permanent housing so he does not have to face homelessness again.

Both prefer to remain anonymous, but if you have any questions please reach out. All donations are greatly appreciated. When donating please specify the donations are for “housing.” We are accepting Venmo: @natasha-malmberg and Cashapp: $NatashaMalmberg

Help an Incarcerated Trans Woman Pay for College

Help Sophana Holdegraver with her first apartment necessities
Venmo: @sophana-holdegraver
CashApp: $sophanae

Please Support Shanique’s ART

Help my sister escape our abusive mother
My younger sister Hayat is being held against her will in Hargeisa, Somaliland by our abusive mother. Hayat has had to endure indescribable physical, mental, and emotional abuse due to our mother perpetuating her own internalized misogynoir against her. Our mother has not only sabotaged her highschool education but she plans to ruin our sisters future as well. She is currently 17 and was pulled out of school in the US nearly 3 years ago to be sent to Somaliland for ‘cultural discipline’ and religious indoctrination so that she may become a ‘good and behaved girl’
CashApp: $Nidaar0
PayPal: @Nidaaro

Team Mari Back To School
Help Little Miss Flint get supplies for 500 students in the Flint/Genesee County area. This includes also making sure they have a washable face mask, and enough supplies to keep them busy if they are doing school online. I will also try to stock them up on hand sanitizer.

Emergency Housing and School Aid

Help Black Woman Secure Housing After Robbery

Help Black Trans Youth Secure Housing

NYC Life Bank (click the link for more information)
Venmo: @blackwomxnexhale
PayPal: blackwomxnexhale

Black trans woman who is homeless and in need of assistance for survival
CashApp - $Serealiaa
Venmo - @Blacktransbarbie90

Fund for Mama of 3 with Leukemia

Healing, Safety, and Justice for The Art Sob

On Saturday, May 30, 2020, Brandon was walking to get something to eat in downtown Dallas, and encountered protesters as he walked. Police officers began walking towards the protestors and with no warning or provocation, they opened fire on the crowd and struck Brandon in his left eye. He has incurred extensive medical expenses and has lost his eye.

Free Tracy McCarter - She’s a mother, a nurse and a volunteer.
Legal defense fund for Tracy who was attacked by her domestic abuser and is now in Rikers for her self defense, which led to his death.

Support for Colinford Mattis
Colinford Mattis is a father, a son, a brother, a friend, an advocate, and a dedicated and respected member of our community. On Saturday, May 30, Colin was arrested and taken into custody, and he is now being charged by the federal government with causing damage by fire to an empty police vehicle. The government’s charges would subject Colin to a mandatory minimum sentence of 45 years, and up to life in prison. These charges are not a reflection of who Colin is. The narrative told by the government and much of the media has attempted to erase Colin’s accomplishments and contributions to the communities of which he is a part. As Colin’s friends and peers, we seek to raise funds to help him and his three foster siblings, who are all under the age of 11. Colin is their primary caregiver.

Justice for Elijah McClain

Help Walela Nehanda through their bone marrow transplant
Post with information
Venmo: Alonzo-Hunt-1

Shishi Rose’s Highlight–a collection of individual fundraisers
Instagram: @shishi.rose
- shared by ShiShi

Help Miss Dorothy Save Her Home

Miss Major’s fundraising circle
Support our Black trans elders

Homeless Black Trans women fund

Nadirah McGill
On the ground assisting protestors
Venmo - @nadirahmcgill
@nadirahmcgill on Instagram

Support for Urooj Rahman
Urooj is a 31-year-old human rights lawyer and activist who has spent her legal career protecting the rights of refugees around the world and citizens here at home. She is currently detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, a federal prison.

*Mutual Aid Funds for SW:
Full list here

Black and Brown Sex Workers Mutual Aid for the Chicagoland Area
Lynzo The Heartthrob
Cashapp + Venmo: Heartthrobwhore

The Black Sex Worker Collective
The Black Sex Worker Collective
Cashapp: $BSWC

Black SW Relief Fund
: Gizelle Marie
Cashapp: $thegizellemarie
Venmo: thegizellemarie

Disabled Black Sex Worker Fund
Cashapp: $catsocks
Venmo: noven999

Black Sex Worker Reparation Fund:


Help a Black Sex Worker Move House:
Cashapp: $knifeyxwifey

Help 3 Black Queer Sex Workers Move Somewhere Safe”
Sidd Wolfe

Black Trans Women In Need shared by @goodegawd
Marleaux: cashapp - $marleauxb
Venmo - @marleaux-Blackwel

Jaybella- cash app- $bellabankz
Venmo: JayBella-Banks

cashapp: $dionnenoir
venmo: @dionne-hills

Project LETS Post
We are supporting a community member who is a formerly incarcerated Black trans woman. She is in need of immediate funding for safe + secure housing. All funds will be sent directly to her. We are using our handles for privacy. Please include “Housing for Jane” in your note!
Venmo: @projectlets
CashApp: $projectlets

Black trans person in need of funds for groceries
Venmo: aisha-guled
CashApp: $paydyke

Cashapp: $sahrafarah10
Venmo: @sahrafarah

Paypal: $vannahcov
Cashapp: $vannahcov

Cashapp: $ooboo3000000
Venmo: @Miles-Jamison

Cashapp: $gwendolynparris
Venmo: @orbgoddess

Cashapp: $KamillaAbdulAhad
Venmo: @ohhhmygosh

Camille Mitchell
Venmo: @Camille-Mitchell-12
Cashapp: $CutieCamille1016

Venmo: Edman-Mohamood

Nova Indigo Ishani
Cashapp: $novaindigo
Venmo: novaindigo

Top Surgery for Niko Cutler

Venmo: @Qiana-Tompkins
More info here

Mutual Aid Funds:

Black and Brown Sex Workers Mutual Aid for the Chicagoland Area
Organizer: Lynzo The Heartthrob
Cashapp + Venmo: Heartthrobwhore

The Black Sex Worker Collective
Organizer: The Black Sex Worker Collective
Cashapp: $BSWC

Black SW Relief Fund
Organizer: Gizelle Marie
Cashapp: $thegizellemarie
Venmo: thegizellemarie

Disabled Black Sex Worker Fund
Organizer: @amalaxazul
Cashapp: $catsocks
Venmo: noven999

Fresh start after an abusive relationship

Help Black Mother Build Economic Stability

Efe | Doula | Student Midwife
Architect of the Cosmos searching for a unicorn in a world full of mules 🌟🌟🌟
@asssye + @doulachronicles on Instagram

Sumayyah Monét | Black Midwife
@sumistouch on Instagram

Freed by DNA but Fighting For Full Exoneration - Stand with Darrill Henry!

Help baby Messiah Bey return to his loving home
Raphael and Chinyere have been thru the unimaginable. As quarantine started a week after SWAT stormed in and took their baby, they have seen him 2 times in 4 MONTHS via zoom.

Housing for trans people experiencing homelessness

Black Trans Education Foundation

Funding for Black mother and two children - Furnishing the Musketeers Home

Ky Peterson’s Homecoming Care Package

Help Sean and Eboni with expenses and legal fees

Help Me Get Back On My Healing Path

Need Help Paying Medical Bills

Justin Hancock’s children’s fund

I am a Black Queer Woman in need of financial help

Help Paris keep London!

Help fund my natural home birth