Black Visions Collective
Bio: Wanna know how you can be more involved, volunteer, or host a workshop? Feel free to DM us đź’—follow us on Facebook @blackvisionscollective.
Instagram: @blackvisionscollective

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles
Bio: Official #BlackLivesMatter Los Angeles chapter. Est. 7/13/13 to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people. Inquiries-
Instagram: @blmlosangeles

MPD 150
Bio: MPD150 is a community-based initiative challenging the narrative that police exist to protect and serve. Minneapolis, MN.
Instagram: @mpd_150

Free Them All 2020
Bio: #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth STOP SENDING FUNDS! Jails, prisons, & detention facilities are a public health crisis turned death sentence in the face of COVID19.
Instagram: @freethemall2020

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
Bio: Fighting for an end to money bail and immigration detention. Home to the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund program.
Instagram: @brooklynbailfund

BLM Greater NY
Bio: We are an action coalition that assists, builds, and empowers black communities in Greater NY. #BLMNY #BlackLivesMatter
Instagram: @blmgreaterny

Movers and Shakers NYC
Bio: We execute direct action & advocacy campaigns for marginalized communities using VR/AR, & the creative arts #moversandshakersnyc**
Instagram: @moversandshakersnyc**

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